Hello San Francisco History Buffs

Welcome to my site, where I will post about upcoming events and tidbits about San Francisco history.

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  1. Ms. Hitz,
    I want to thank you for providing me a wonderfully nostalgic look at the Emporium,a major part of my life.I was a “stock boy”,an accepted term in 1957, at Stevens Creek.After a three year stint in the Army (sports director/sports caster at AFKN (Korea) and a specialist at the Presidio Information Office),I returned from the service jobless.I applied for a stock position at the Emporium Stonestown. They had no openings at the time but sent me Downtown to the Management Training Program in 1961. As a trainee my first assignment was in the sport coat booth on Dome Square,where I sold (and model sport coats for two weeks) before I got my first check which allowed me to buy a coat to wear to work.Eighteen years later, after a wonderful merchandising career,I was promoted to the position of General Manager of the Downtown Store with the mission to create and lead the first true management team, taking the responsibility of day to day management from the buying organization. It was a challenging endeavor but leaves me with some great memories and a wonderful life experience.
    I left the Emporium in 1981 and finished my retail career as Vice-President,Stores, for Dillard’s Southwest Division,out of Phoenix,Arizona.
    I thank you for sharing the history of a small piece of every Bay Area resident that lived in the times of “The Big E’
    With greatest respect,
    Robert McGushin.retired retailer

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